Youth Activity: Boys and Girls Club Drum Corps

February 16, 2016

An all-age Drum Corps is getting a new start at the Troy Boys and Girls Club.

With the goal of marching in the Flag Day Parade in June, instructors are teaching youth ages 6 and up basic rudiments, drumming techniques and a parade street beat. While the group is currently focused on creating a drum line, they will also include brass instruments and color guard (flags) in the near future.
The group is especially focused on recruiting teens.
Rehearsal is held at the Troy Boys and Girls Club on 7th Avenue downtown on Fridays from 3:15 to 4:30 p.m. and Wednesday afternoons. Other practice dates and times may be added soon.
The instructors, who marched in the Troy Boys and Girls Club Skyliners Drum and Bugle Corps in as kids the 1950s, aim to build confidence, leadership skills and character in young people through music, competition and self-discipline. Instructors Joseph Baker, Paul Pailley and Jack Fitzpatrick all grew up in Troy Housing while marching in the Drum Corps and have now returned to the Boys and Girls Club to restart the program.
Youth who play music are more likely to do well in school, and music could lead them to new places in the future: college and beyond. Drum Corps is a fun, social way to interest youth in music and teach them about hard work and self-discipline in a fun setting.
The group plans to perform locally at the Flag Day Parade, Uncle Sam Day parade, and other events in the city and elsewhere.
Find the group on Facebook as Troy Boys and Girls Club Skyliners.
Drumming equipment is provided. Transportation for THA residents can be provided by THA on an as needed basis. Call 273-3600 ext. 239 for more info.