Griswold Heights Renovation Progress


The Troy Housing Authority (THA) has selected MDG Real Estate Partners LLC (MDG) as our co-developer partner to work with us on the redevelopment of Griswold Heights. Presently, the tentative scope of work calls for In-Unit Improvements (New LED Lighting, New Flooring, Renovated Kitchens with New Appliances, New Bathrooms, …), Building System Upgrades, Exterior/Site Improvements, and more.

THA & MDG’s tentative plan is for residents to remain in place and only have to leave their apartment during the day while construction is occurring. Existing residents will be provided the option to utilize a Hospitality Suite during the day while construction takes place in their unit. Updates on the Griswold Heights Renovation can be found on the Troy Housing Authority’s Facebook Page.

Renovation Progress Report