John P. Taylor Apartments Buildings 1 & 2

Phone: (518) 273-8611
Office Hours or Walk-Ins: Monday to Friday 9AM – 3PM
By Appointment Only: Monday to Friday 8AM – 9AM & 3PM – 4PM

John P. Taylor Buildings 1 & 2 have been demolished. Construction of a new building is underway. Tenants from Taylor Buildings 3 & 4 will be given preference during the leasing for the new building. We will be applying for funds to demolish Taylor 3 & 4 so that we can rebuild at that location.

The Troy Housing Authority’s efforts at Taylor Apartments are part of a larger City of Troy initiative to improve the Historic Downtown and create more ways to access the waterfront.

The Troy Housing Authority is very proud to be part of this effort by providing high quality affordable housing which will ensure that persons of all income ranges can live, work, and play in Troy’s vibrant downtown.

The Taylor Apartments redevelopment was also included in the City of Troy’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative.

The site is less than one block from a major Capital District Transportation Authority bus route that runs from the northern to southern ends of the City of Troy.


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Taylor Redevelopment (November 2023)

Taylor Redevelopment (June 2023)