Promotes the development of local strategies to coordinate public and private resources that help housing choice voucher program participants and residents of the Troy Housing Authority obtain employment that will enable participating families to achieve economic independence and reduce dependence on welfare assistance and rental subsidies.

Nature of Program: The FSS program is administered by the Troy Housing Authority’s FSS Coordinators. The THA and an adult member of each participating family execute a Contract of Participation, generally for five years with a possible two-year extension for good cause, incorporating the specific training and services plan for the family. Participating families are provided with an interest-bearing escrow account made up of the difference of the rent the family pays when entering the program and the increased rent that would be charged as the family’s earned income increased. On completion of the FSS contract, a family may claim its escrow account, if the person who signs the Contract is employed, no family member is receiving welfare assistance, and the family has met their other individual goals.

FSS Coordinators in each local program build partnerships with employers and service providers in the community to help participants obtain jobs and services. These services may include childcare, transportation, basic adult education, job training, employment counseling, substance/alcohol abuse treatment, financial empowerment coaching, asset-building strategies, household skill training, homeownership counseling, and more.


The Mandatory Earned IncomeDisallowance (MEID) Program is for eligible disabled residents of Troy Housing Authority and participants in the Housing Choice Voucher Program. Under MEID, a resident may be able to keep money earned as income instead of paying it towards rent increases. MEID can result in significant savings to a household. If you want more information or think you or any member of your household might qualify please discuss MEID with your Asset Manager. We can’t give you this financial benefit unless you tell us all your household sources of income, especially whenever they change.


The Resident Empowered Action Council of Troy, Inc. (REACT), a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation, was established as the City-wide resident organization for all Troy Housing Authority residents on March 26, 1991. In addition to facilitating communication among the site based tenant associations, REACT provides advocacy and support for all residents. This includes the operation of the REACT Food Pantry, which serves over 200 families per month, as well as guidance and assistance with supplies for tenant run homework clubs, outreach activities for senior citizens, and parenting programs for young mothers.

The REACT Food Pantry is available to all Troy Housing Authority tenants. An appointment is need to receive assistance. An appointment can be made by calling 518-272-8974. If you get a recording leave a message and someone will get back to you.