May 28, 2020


The TROY HOUSING AUTHORITY (THA) is amending its Annual and/or Five Year PHA plan. Both the 2020 Annual Plan and the 2020-2024 Five Year Plans made reference to certain actions intended regarding Buildings 1 and 2 of the John P. Taylor Apartments.  This is a 45 day notice with an opportunity to present public comments regarding this change.

Specifically, Section B. 2. b. of the 2020 Annual Plan states:

A demolition application for the units of John P. Taylor Apartment Buildings 1 and 2 (NY012200007P) was approved by the HUD Special Applications Center on December 18, 2009.  John P. Taylor Apartments Building 1 and 2 was a family high-rise buildings consisting of 143 units (17 One-Bedroom units, 75 Two-Bedroom units, 46 Three-Bedroom Units, 1 Four-Bedroom Unit and 4 Units taken off line) within two nine story buildings.  The buildings and units have not yet been demolished.  We are exploring financing and development options to replace these units that may involve Choice Neighborhoods, and Mixed Finance Modernization or Development as well as various options related to demolition or disposition of the structures and property.  Presently, we have solicited and are reviewing proposals from potential development partners relative to the redevelopment of the entire Taylor Apartments site (Buildings 1, 2, 3, and 4).

Based on a Fair Housing visit we are looking at enhancing our efforts to address special needs populations (the disabled and veterans).  We continue to look at alternate sites for this project and negotiating an exchange of the Taylor Apartments Buildings 1 & 2 for an alternate location is still a consideration.  On site development, in a mixed income format, is also being considered.  If this becomes a reality we may request to withdraw our demolition application and submit a disposition application. 

Since the writing of the 2020 Agency Plan the Troy Housing Authority has selected Pennrose, LLC as the development partner for the Taylor Apartments site. In collaboration with Pennrose, LLC the Troy Housing Authority has determined that the best course of action relative to Buildings 1 and 2 of the John P. Taylor Apartments is to apply to HUD to amend the demolition application to allow for disposition of the property.  Therefore, the Troy Housing Authority is proposing to amend the 2020 Agency Plan to include the following paragraph in Section B. 2. b.:

After careful consideration the Troy Housing Authority is applying to dispose of the units and property of John P. Taylor Apartment Buildings 1 and 2 (NY012200007P), as described above, as part of the redevelopment of this site in collaboration with Pennrose, LLC, the selected developer.

Comments may be made in writing and presented to the THA Administrative Office Attn. Director of Planning (1 Eddy’s Lane, Troy, NY 12180) or via email to no later than 4:00 pm on Monday, July 13, 2020.  There will also be a Public Hearing conducted by Conference Call on Monday, July 13, 2020 at 4:00PM.  The Call-In Number for the Public Hearing Conference Call is 1-(978) 990-5000 and the Access Code is 802468.  All comments received will be present to the Board of Commissioners so that they may vote on this Significant Amendment at their meeting on July 15, 2020.



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