From Executive Secretary Dan Crawley: Creating Healthy and Happy Neighborhoods

March 16, 2016

As spring approaches, our newsletter is getting a new name and many programs at THA are getting a fresh start.
The homework club at Martin Luther King Apartments is restarting, we are planning community gardens at some of our sites for spring and summer, and some residents are taking the first steps to create a tenant association in their communities.
While change may start slow, now is the time to plant the seeds for better neighborhoods. Taking the initiative to improve your community now is the only way to see results down the road.
There are many roles residents can play — some big, some small — in their neighborhoods. You can volunteer two hours every other week to lead a Boy Scout troop at your site, participate in our community gardens, become a leader in your local tenant association, or volunteer to help clean up on Earth Day. You can encourage children you know at your site to take advantage of your Homework Club, or encourage teens to consider applying for scholarships available to public housing and Section 8 residents.
One small step you can take is simply “liking” the Troy Housing Authority page on Facebook or following us on Twitter and sharing the important information we post with your neighbors.
Our newsletter is no longer the “Post Script,” or an afterthought, because our communities are not an afterthought. Instead, we focus on creating healthy and happy Neighborhoods, and we hope you will join us.



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